Ultimate Changemaker

What if you could change the world in ways that matter…and do so without feeling chronically exhausted, hopeless and frustrated?

Here’s a secret: You Can!

Does Any of This Sound Familiar?…

You’re overwhelmed. You care about positive change but don’t know how you can make a difference. Or maybe you’ve been a crusader for a long time and you’re heading for burnout. You’ve thought about giving up, but you’re too committed. And you know you can’t go on being this exhausted and frustrated.

You’re tired. You see SO much that’s needed, but you can’t give any more – or you don’t know where to start! You’ve sacrificed time and energy to the causes you care most about. Your health, relationships and personal life are suffering.

You’re frustrated. At times you despair about where the world is headed. You feel like it’s one step forward, then two steps back. You fear all past progress might be slipping away. Sometimes it all seems futile.

You hate to admit it, but sometimes you feel powerless and hopeless. You want to keep going and make meaningful change that lasts, but don’t know what to do!

You feel isolated. Sometimes you feel alone in your struggle. Others seem to be more connected and have more energy than you do. Or they have an approach that doesn’t completely resonate with you.

Take a moment, get centered, and imagine…

Living in a world that works better for everyone. More freedom, equity, safety, fulfillment and joy. More getting out of each other’s way and our own way. Knowing this world is entirely possible!

The deep satisfaction of knowing you had a hand in creating that world. You contributed your unique gifts in meaningful ways…that were actually fun and easy to contribute!

Saying goodbye to chronic exhaustion, illness, anger and hopelessness. You take on what’s yours and let go what’s not.

Saying hello to Life. Imagine being an evolutionary changemaker and also enjoying life, laughing, and feeling good…guilt free! (Whoa, right?!)

Feeling confident in yourself, your knowing, your toolbox and your boundaries. No more replicating the world’s problems in your own life and decisions.

Creating a clear plan for action that excites and inspires you – and other people you truly respect and care about!

Check this out — We can help you make all that come to life!

Here’s the secret to your next level of evolution:

The Ultimate Changemaker Academy

The Ultimate Changemaker Academy is our step-by-step course and community where we will teach you our highly effective process of inner transformation. You can now stop spinning your wheels and get to doing real work that yields real results. You’ll get access to all of the strategies we’ve taught to students just like you. Strategies that will increase your effectiveness and happiness!

This is the same process we’ve spent decades developing and have used to create change in organizations and with clients for over ten years…while maintaining our sanity and increasing our personal fulfillment.

And the best part, you don’t need decades to learn it!

One thing you should know is that you can’t find this material online or learn these strategies from anyone else. This is a completely unique approach that can only be found in this course.

Here’s what our lives were like before we applied these strategies

We were SOOO frustrated! Susana created brilliant strategies, taking bold action around racial equity as an organizational leader and community activist but was often beat down, blocked, or outright kicked out! She continued to persevere, trying harder, but still hit walls. By her 40s, she was exhausted and discouraged. She noticed people rejecting positive change, and sometimes rejecting her for encouraging or leading it. She saw caring, smart people creating more problems instead of the changes they wanted at work or in the community. Her frustration and anger grew and began to turn into bitterness and pessimism. She gained several pounds and her social life suffered. She even thought about saying “screw you!” to changemaking!

Nancy found opportunities to build and improve the organizations she worked for, but continually hit roadblocks with bosses who didn’t support her vision, coworkers who weren’t motivated to change, and inner feelings of isolation, doubt, and exhaustion. She spent years in counseling, explored support groups, and pursued more education, but the unresolved stress led to chronic health issues and addictive patterns that further drained her vision and drive.

We were making classic changemaker mistakes : not having crystal clarity, thinking “either-or”, and lacking fierce self-love.

We both hit walls in our energy, reputation and self esteem. Nancy realized she had left a difficult relationship to step into her power and invest in what brought her joy, but that she was still allowing herself to be undervalued in her personal life and at her job. She set some difficult boundaries and made some tough decisions, ultimately deciding to make a change in her life. Now Nancy is exploring alternative ways to making income and remaining internally resourced, while continuing to share her gifts and be part of positive change.

In a time of a shifting political landscape, Susana encountered huge changes in her personal and professional life. She notices this shift that suggested the world hadn’t progressed – that we might be moving backwards. What followed was a crisis-level breakdown of what she did and believed. Following deep reflection, she emerged with a renewed commitment to change and a reframed approach. Now she’s clearer about her purpose, choices and boundaries. She’s more efficient with her time and energy, and more resourced to do change work. Susana is less naïve and more confident yet also more humble. She’s energized by helping others avoid her mistakes and not waste precious time reinventing the wheel.

The world is based on patterns. The same patterns that play out in our countries, communities, and organizations operate in our individual lives. And our individual lives, energies and choices combine to create the whole of “the world”! Each of us is The World, and The World is us!

This means that all the mistaken, outdated, destructive beliefs and behaviors that created the world today… reside and operate inside of each of us!

Gandhi’s famous “be the change” quote may be a cliché, but it holds a deep truth that few actually achieve – we change the world by changing ourselves, and how we do the work is at least as important as what we do.

The strategies you learn in the Ultimate Changemaker Academy will give you a process and tools you can use over and over as you continue to evolve.

We’re not interested in replicating “old school” paradigms by making you dependent on us – we want to equip you to be clear, confident, powerful changemakers and catalysts!

In the Academy, you’ll also have a community of like-minded evolutionaries to support you!

(Welcome to the club! No hazing required… )

In case you want to know what’s included, here it is…

Lifetime access to all modules

Support + Feedback in our private Facebook group (No expiration date!)

Ongoing Community, Celebration and Inspiration!

Here is what you will learn in the Ultimate Changemaker Academy:

Discover Our Proven Methods to Gain Clarity that Will Take You From Confused to Focused.

Access Our Simple Process to Unlock Your Confidence to Effect Powerful and Lasting Change.

Learn Our Formula for How to Align with Your Purpose and Break Through Resistance.

Learn Little-Known Strategies to Multiply Your Effectiveness in Your Life and The World.

Imagine How Energized You’ll Become When You Discover Our Step-by-Step Process to Make a Difference And Enjoy Life!

Get Access to A Custom Blueprint that Will Outline Your Personal Journey to Success.

You’ve got 2 choices…

You can continue spinning your wheels, stuck in isolation and frustration, perhaps on the brink of giving up


you can invest in the next step of your evolution

If you decide not to work with us, do you have a plan to get where you want to go?

If not, let’s work together!

Even if you do have a plan, we can get you there faster and easier with our step-by-step process and supportive community. Let’s work together to achieve your vision more effectively (and have fun doing it)!

It’s a simple decision that can change it all.

What will you choose?

Now who are these fierce Changemakers who created this program?

Meet Susana

Hi! I’m Susana and I coach and train diversity champions, changemakers and leaders to higher levels of professional effectiveness and personal satisfaction. I’ve spent 25 years leading change and garnering meaningful results for employers and clients – across the U.S. and in Latin America and Europe – in multiple sectors including nonprofit, corporate, healthcare, education and government. I hold degrees in sociology and intercultural communication and I’m an internationally credentialed Associate Certified Coach (ACC). I’m a former TEDx Speaker, and I’ve published articles in Huffington Post, Workforce Magazine, Diversity Executive and Training Magazine.

I envision a world where every person receives all the knowledge and skills necessary to live their healthiest, happiest life, and fully contribute their unique gifts for personal and collective benefit. My four innate superpowers are insight, empathy, humor and problem solving, and my life purpose to learn and grow as much as possible and help others do the same. Descended from a long line of oddballs and creatives, I’m both artist and scientist, and a big picture thinker with an eye for detail. I relish my identities as chameleon, stereotype buster and injector of whimsy!

Meet Nancy

Hello, Changemakers! I’m Nancy and I totally understand if you’ve struggled for social change in a system that re-enforces poverty and inequity or if you have felt frustrated by leaders who don’t adequately support employee development or life balance. I loved the people I served, but felt I could give so much more if I had adequate training, emotional support, or fair compensation for my work. I tried to change the organizations I worked for from the inside, but typically encountered resistance from overwhelmed coworkers, leaders who didn’t understand my vision, and lack of resources. I didn’t want to sell out, but I was becoming disillusioned about ever being effective and my physical and mental health were suffering.

After a year of chronic pain and a major conflict with a coworker, I realized I had to start listening to my deeper self and find the courage to follow that guidance. I got honest about what nourishes me, started questioning my assumptions about what success looks like, and set some scary but vital boundaries with my time and relationships. This took a lot of self-reflection, self-love, courage, and trust, but I am now living a totally different lifestyle that enables me to make an important contribution to causes that matter to me while using my gifts and, most importantly, feeling inspired and at ease in my own skin.

I’m determined to use and share what I’ve learned so that we can all access discernment and strong boundaries around the best places and people with whom to share our gifts, get crystal clear and honest about what we have to offer, and continue to hone our inner skills to keep our journey fresh, focused, and fun. I’m excited to share your journey as an ally, guide, and cheerleader so we are all more effective Changemakers!

Who is Ultimate Changemaker Academy not for?

It’s not for anyone who wants to change the world by returning to an earlier time or state of things. We’re looking for progressive Changemakers who want to continue moving human evolution forward.

It’s not for someone who wants to be told what to do, or is looking for a guru to follow.

It’s not for folks who believe positive thinking or faith are the solution to every problem.

It’s not for someone who thinks all the world’s woes are caused by external forces and people.

It’s not for folks who focus a lot of attention and energy on correct terminology and identifying who’s “woke” or “gets it” (and who doesn’t).

It’s not for someone looking for tactics or tools to change external institutions (that’s important, but not our focus here).

(If any of these describe you, this academy probably isn’t a good fit for you.)


How long will I have access to this course?

You will have lifetime access!! (Awesome sauce!) This includes access to updates and new video content releases.

How is the course content delivered?

The good news is that it’s not a boring slideshow with a monotone voice over it. That’s not us! We don’t want you to be bored to death, and we don’t want to be bored either! You get to watch us on video and screen share. There are worksheets for some modules that will help you along your journey, as well as some pre-work and post-work.

Can I find this content online for free?

Nope! While we do draw on what we’ve learned from other teachers, our content and approach are original.

This is a big, scary leap of faith for me. Is it really worth the price?

We totally get it! We’ve also hesitated before making big investments in our own effectiveness and growth! We know it can be a financial stretch (in real ways, not just in “which account do I draw this from?”). And big commitments require big investments! We believe you’ll be grateful you made this investment, and that it will make itself back many times over in the value you’ll gain from the change you’ll see.